Wilcard 2015 and NoEmployees

There’s an awesome unconference coming up at Riga, Latvia called Wildcard and I’m so excited! The reason being yours truly and fellow Antti will be there and we also have slots for two talks. I’m really happy that we got accepted and have the chance to meet awesome people and maybe spark a little something something to people. You never know, since well…

This week I got asked that how come I’ve taken into giving talks in conferences. And the answer is: I haven’t. On the contrary to Antti, who’s solid, professional and insightful in so many things, I rarely have things that I feel are worth spoken out aloud.

But when I do, it’s a worthy thing to get out of my comfort zone, which nowadays is pretty much the few inches between computer screen and a chair.

But then to the subject of


Last year we went to ALE 2014 to talk about NoEmployees, and if you were there, fear not, the content will be different this time. What was then a beginning of an experiment, and we totally weren’t sure how that would turn out, has now evolved to the point where we actually have seen the benefits. And pitfalls.

And we’re psyched. There’s things of wonder and awe that we want to tell you about, but this thing, this NoEmployees thing is not about us.

Well, in the sense that we are the ones that tell this story now, it is. But in the end, the aim is very simple: to tell all of you that it’s very possible to make your own stories happen. Dreams do turn into stories, and that is when the magic happens.

And if the few things that we’ve weaved up to form the NoEmployees thing for us, help any of you to find a similar, or different, or any thing that makes you happy, then that is what makes us happy too.

So hopefully we manage to deliver some hands up and hands down thoughts! Really, totally, insanely thrilled to see all of you!

Juha is holistic software developer. He has worked with myriad of technologies and areas ranging from test tool and test automation systems design and telecommunications development to mobile and web applications. He’s proficient with Linux administration. Nowadays calling himself mainly a (fullstack) programmer.

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