My TrustTemenos experience

Last May we had the fourth and final gathering of our 8 month TrustTemenos Leadership Academy journey in Berlin. We were hosted and guided by Christine Neidhardt and Olaf Lewitz. Now, after this journey has concluded, I feel it is time for me to sum up my experience and takeaways.

A step backwards: What is TrustTemenos?

If you have already heard about (Trust)Temenos, please feel free to skip this paragraph.

TrustTemenos is the name of leadership academy founded by Christine and Olaf that is based on Temenos labs. Temenos alabs offer a safe setting in which to explore connection, openness, trust and courage. The concept of Temenos labs has been created by Siraj Sirajuddin. You can find more info on TrustTemenos and Temenos labs on the TrustTemenos site and on the Temenos+Agility site.

Now, let me start my own story.

Doubts in the beginning

At the start of the Academy I pondered if there is something in me, a unique weakness, that prevents me from making my vision true and making my own personal small dent in the universe. I worried that I just might be weaker than those I admire, somehow less disciplined or something like that.

When I first presented my influence map, I questioned my sincerity.

Masterclass in creating trust

In the first gathering I felt I got to know all the other participants very well in a short span of time. Working with Influence Maps and Clean Slates helped me to reflect my own experiences with the stories the others shared. Instead of otherness, I started feeling connection with the other participants, when I realized we all had our challenges and feelings of weakness and powerlessness.

The clean slate I ended up drawing and sharing surprised myself.

Growing in self–compassion

During the Academy I learned and embraced a new more self-compassionate approach to my own development. I no longer spend the majority of my time thinking that I have to fight the unworthy part of myself for control to develop. Instead I start with acceptance: I’m okay, with my strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, everything. From that starting point I strive to develop through connecting with my inspirations, playfulness (my inner child) and through curiosity of myself and the world around me.

During the academy I learned to look at myself with empathy.

In the Academy I have learned a lot about how to connect to myself in a more deeper level. How to develop myself with self-compassion instead of struggle.

Leadership is creating safe spaces

I also embraced a new model about leadership, one that combines personal growth of identity and intent to creating safe spaces for others to collaborate, have trust and alignment and to works towards a shared vision together. I learned how these concepts are the same in work as in different contexts like family and friends, and how I can use this model and this knowledge to show up more authentically in every one of these contexts.

My take-aways

What I value most is the sense of community I have developed with the fellow participants of TrustTemenos Next Generation. I strongly feel the support they continue to give me in my development and my work/play towards my vision. And I look forward to more ways of collaborating with them in the future.

My personal vision of inviting people to exploration of self and building playgrounds out of corporate ladders.

What grew out of my TrustTemenos leadership academy experience

In May, we published our Somatic Temenos Vision Lab with Petri Rauhakallio. I wanted to bring Temenos to Finland and I had met Petri earlier in the spring. Petri was looking for new ways to bring his impactful somatic coaching in contact with more people, so teaming up seemed only natural.

We decided to experiment whether we could get started with a group of people in June. Luckily we made it: we started with a group of 6 participants in the first ever Somatic Temenos Vision Lab. We will continue this lab in August and offer a new lab in the autumn.

The second thing I’m looking forward to is the Temenos Effect Gathering in October in Rückersbach, Germany. There I will meet with other Temenos practitioners. If you are interested about Temenos, please join too!

Would you like to experience Temenos?

If you would, I have three suggestions for you, in order of added depth of experience:

And if you want to know more, you can check out Christine’s and Olaf’s book Showing Up! on Leanpub.

What do you think about Temenos? What more would you like to know? Please leave a comment below.

Antti Kirjavainen is an experienced coach and a linchpin. Antti is full of energy and has many interests – he is a knowledge work management thinker, product development coach, a Licensed Management 3.0 facilitator well as an active member of Agile Finland Ry, Agile4HR Finland and Agile Lean Europe network.

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